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Monday, January 30, 2017


Crap. With the way my mind works, this shouldn't be happening right now (as it has happened soooooo many times before), but this...this is sorta beneficial...well, it really is, but I gotta explain.

The producers at Anno Domini Nation are having a contest; these guys make consistently high quality instrumentals that I've just never been able to get at for one reason or another (cuz, life hoe). They just so happened to drop a 2 gig package of instrumentals for $ bucks...3 dollars short a sack of loud...2 dollars more than goin half with a nigga. I had to take advantage because I always wanted to, and this opportunity won't come back around until end of this year.

But back to the contest...fairly simple rules, really; Submit a maximum of 3 songs over their instrumentals with proof of purchasing the beats to be judged by their panel of people to determine the winner. The prizes are pretty nice, but the top three get you (aside from money) a mixtape spot! That is pretty crucial for promotion purposes...just a way of getting my name out there. There's just one problem...the deadline is this Saturday coming (Feb 4th), and I have yet to finish downloading a beat, much less write or record.

Now fortunately, I was heading over to Roscoe's new spot on Southside Thursday, but this gives me very little time to prepare for the booth. I dunno how this is gonna turn out, but better I try and fail than not try at all and be stuck in what if mode. I'm only going to submit one song, because the focus of me recording is mostly the songs I already have written/prepared to record...but it'd be cool to win.

Still plan on releasing an instrumental for Free Beat Fridays, still plan on releasing a song from the mixtape, but plan on fitting this in my schedule somehow, because the benefits outweigh everything else.

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