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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dev Maneuvers "Teh Internets" Round Duex

Okay, so last time I tried to spread awareness in regards to my music in the hopes of getting some plays/fans was kinda ehhhh...I dunno, but not that successful. Yesterday while waiting for some more work, I decided to try something different - Internet Radio submissions.

In allot of situations when I tried regular radio submissions, aside from the requirement for clean tracks, they put a specific time limit on how long something can be played. Take for example WAMO here in Pittsburgh; these guys want a clean radio friendly version of a song WITHIN a span of 3 minutes. I only have one song that fits that time requirement. I plan on attempting to push that song at radio stations that accept songs from people like me (indie? non-signed? WTF am I anyway?). Coincidentally enough, the song I plan on pushing is the what I plan on recording next Thursday.

That aside, I did some research, and ran into multiple internet radio stations...I even ran into compiled lists of internet radio stations that I could submit to! What I did in turn was compiled my own list of the places I contacted, just to keep track of it. Some internet radio stations required a sort of pay to play situation; the money was nominal, but I ignored these at the moment in favor of those that take submissions for free. Other stations operated by FCC rules and required clean tracks...I'll get back to them too. After all, I don't make allot of money and what I have to spare goes into recording (aye, a nigga has bills n shit, priorities first cuz). Maybe I'll worry about those stations later, but for now I submitted to 42 different stations; of these 42, 1 was pay to play ( maybe I'll hit them up later), 4 were discontinued. Either way, not a bad little run, because now I have a list of radio stations I can consistently go to with my music. Crazy thing is, they were all over the country; East, West, South, and Midwest; there was a crazy range of station areas.

I even contacted college radio stations, but predominantly the ones here in Pittsburgh and some more well known ones throughout PA...I think even one in NY, but that one's email address was messed up. I don't know if I will have actual results, but I tried my best regarding the matter. I'll just keep at it and hope for the best as I release more music. I'm only gonna hit the street with my music when the mix-tape is finished. I don't have a plan of action for that yet, but I have time to brainstorm.

Another place I seemed to get some positivity from was Looperman. This place is pretty awesome, actually; Some time ago I was looking for stuff to sample without having to get clearance on it or any technical stuff like that and ran into this site. I never posted before or anything of that nature, but decided to give it a try.

My Looperman Profile

I made my profile, uploaded the cover art to my mix-tape in progress as an avatar, and uploaded my free beat from last friday, and also uploaded the song I did, Pittsburgh, PA. Not only did I get a welcome, but I got some pretty positive feedback.

People even checked out the two downloads! Alright! lmfao at my hype af over two downloads, hahahah~

I look at my Free Beat Fridays series as a way for me to give back to Looperman; there are allot of talented people on there just looking out just for the sake of being decent human beings...I figured the least I could do was try my best to contribute something. Not only does it reach back out to those that give stuff away for the free, it's a lookout for artists like myself that don't have that much bread to play with. Sometimes the most talented people are tied up by nuances like finances, so I hope it helps...truly.

In other news, the beat and associated artwork for this Free Beat Friday is done! I hope whoever is listening/wants/needs it enjoys it and gives me the proper credit!

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