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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dev Maneuvers "Teh Internets"

"Do not argue with people on the internet."

This is my daily mantra; I repeat it to myself whenever I come across things that inspire me to respond. Ladies and gentlemen, I am, by nature, a lurker, not an interact-er...but due to my releasing of music on an almost weekly basis, I found that it may be a good idea to try reaching out to sites that I've...well...lurked. I don't necessarily regret the decision...but it has yet to prove useful.

I remember reading this guide regarding how one should go about getting their music out, and in the guide, it suggested buying a low number of followers to give the impression that you are of some recognition; I believe the theory is based on the notion that people gravitate and pay attention to things that have an elevated sense of importance. I.e., you would get more views if you had, for example, 3k followers and a couple hundred listens verses none. While I can reason that this makes sense, something about it struck me as...underhanded. I just want people to listen because they like it, you know?

So given my at odds feeling with paying to play, I decided to hit up a site where I took an interview and sampled it; VladTV. The problem here, like most areas with a comments section, is that the conversation is usually limited regarding positive interaction, it is demeaning towards the subject in question, and most of the time derails into multiple parties exchanging online insults and threats...not my thing, really. But my theory behind trying this is that because commentators are so uninhibited when it comes to their reaction to stuff, you would get a response closer to truth than fiction. I would give it a try. I made a discuss for this and everything, lol.

My initial post:

I picked this and two other articles based on the number of hits it would potentially receive. I got lucky with the SB article because of his highly documented antics. People gravitate towards this stuff like ants to sugar.

I posted this:

I thought it was polite, somewhat thought out, and honest. The first reply was kkkkiiinnnnnddddaaaa surprising:

LMFAO. On one hand, I'm dumb grateful, because the reply seemed honest af, but my nigga why you finna flame me?!?! LMFAO CUZ They are trippin' on Vlad site frfr. The other reply was right up I suspected nothing less alley:

Now, a nigga was lost af. I'm not too into social media lately, but I had NO CLUE what this meant. Something told me google it, and basically, guy told me to "Kill Yourself". LMAOOO. Wild aggressive cuz, this is crazy fr! I started to question it, but I had to look again bruh:

Oh. Okay, God bless fam.

Otherwise, I sent an email to an editor from a gaming outlet I like called Kotaku, Blog or Die Pittsburgh, and Jenesis Magazine.

I ultimately only jumped by maybe what, six views? The problem is that it doesn't feel like a solid enough basis to just write it off as something that won't help. I don't think buying attention to get attention is needed...but there has to be some way to just push it and get people to honestly view it. S/O Jake Steed for being honest at the end of the day. The internet has to be for more than arguing with niggas cuz. At a loss for now I guess? I'll brainstorm some more. 

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