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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eve of Recording

I wasn't even gonna post, but something particular came up, so I figured I would try my best to spread awareness.

My nigga Buck Biddy released music a year ago and I had no clue. I'm pretty sure I mentioned falling off the globe for some time, but I feel kinda bad about it. Figured I would take the time to show some love and hope whoever out there is reading this would check his music out.

Buck Biddy - Amen

I don't wanna go into too many details, as I have before and it just leads to rambling anyway, but Bid is a decent ass person who has been persistent regarding music; two things I cannot always say about myself.

Figured I would post two of the videos I was around for...there was another I think? Been a minute tho.

That aside, It seems like the idea for Free Beat Fridays is going ahead full steam! I'm kinda nervous because it forces me to be on a timeline...I mean I make a couple beats a week for the most part, so I don't see it being impossible. All I can say regarding this matter is that I'm gonna try my best to be what I wasn't before: consistent.

Disclamer!!! Nigga I don't clear samples if I do use them, and WHEN I do, I will note that. I don't care wwwwwtttffffffff you do with these beats, just give me credit for making them. If God smiles upon what your doing and you start shining, then someone hits you with a lawsuit, it's not my fault (Master P Voice), my nigga I'm broke. I can't help you.

I guess regarding my own little mix-tape, I will be releasing songs one by one until they are all done, and then I will neatly compile them for whoever is interested. The art is done for it, but I have to work on the art for the single releases...I dunno, I guess for something to look at on YouTube...because from what I've seen, niggas normally have art to go with their music. In fact, I stopped working on a beat last night to MAKE some artwork for this up coming Free Beat Friday release. My Photoshop skills are alright, just don't expect any Picasso shit cuz.

Everything is coming along. I'm just gonna keep my head low and keep pushing. I'll figure the other stuff out later.

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