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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I Guess it's Alright Afterall

2 days until I begin the recording process (Thursday)...still not too sure what to expect. But something odd, yet funny af happened this past Thursday to me.

So I'm at home, in Northview, with my wife and kids; Mel didn't have work that evening, and the kids were on our phones playing the Amazing World of Gumball game they always play on them while I'm working on a beat leisurely. I was thirsty, so I got up and headed to the fridge for a drink when I heard a knock at the door.

Mel answers while I'm in the fridge being a fat ass, when she says it's for me. Now, I don't usually have any company, or people visiting, much less knocking on my door, so every time it happens I'm caught off guard. I walk over and I see this guy who had to be in, at most, his younger 20's at the door. Apparently, he heard and saw what I was doing because one of the windows were open. I'm not an oddball about it, so I invited him in.

From there he told me he was working on music himself and was hoping to get some from me. At this point, two thoughts trigger in my mind; One, damn I didn't know niggas would fuck with me like that, and two, what are the pros and cons of this situation? I started to play him the beats from the mixtape I've been working on, and he seemed genuinely surprised, because to him not only were they good, but he seemed almost skeptical that I didn't have equipment.

I used to have an AKAI MPD 18, and a KORG usb keyboard, but I misplaced the pad, and some rat-ass bitch stole my keyboard out my house basically. Sidebar; how tf are you gonna steal from someone that practically kept yo ass from being homeless? My wife ain't even fuck with this bitch like that and I went against my better judgement trynna be a decent person. Never tf again cuz. Making beats is abit of a task because the majority of the time is spent feeling for keys, organizing/color coding my beat structure, and playing with mixing. It would be a faster process if I had, or could afford as of this point, some equipment. I plan on getting more in the future, but I have some other pressing things to take care of financially before I can worry about that. I mean, I'm doing alright without em' anyway for now.

It turns out that the guy is living with my neighbor to the right of me; I've been familiar with her and her kids for some time, but he was a new face to me so it was hard to put two and two together. In the middle of us talking about where he records and listening to some of his stuff (which really wasn't bad) my youngest son kept offering him cupcakes my wife baked, lol.

I just explained to him that I just started not too long ago because I couldn't afford people's stuff and when I could I would blow my extra income on weed, basically. I grabbed a pen to take his information down, but he had to go. I was under the impression he'd be back, but he never did, awkwardly enough. I'm sure I'll run into him again though. Fucked up though that I failed to catch his name, I gotta do better at interactions with people, lol.

Anyhow, the meeting gave me the understanding that I made something worthwhile, and that kinda inspired ideas to generate traffic to my music stuff; I was thinking that I would try to do a Free Beat Friday's kinda situation, so people would visit my sound-cloud and whatnot. I dunno if it's gonna work or not, but it's worth trying.

I don't think that I'm of any worth great enough to be trynna charge niggas for beats, but I don't know what I'm gonna do if everyone comes asking for free shit either. This has NEVER happened to me, so I don't know how to handle this. More importantly, what beats do I upload for FBFs as opposed to keep? Sometimes I wish there was a f.a.q. to shit like this that I could follow, because now I feel like I'm shootin' at the hip. W/e, I'm just a nigga in the projects anyway. One day at a time cuz.

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