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Friday, January 20, 2017


So Friday is here! Last night was an event that was not only dumb entertaining, but I learned allot from the experience.

I got off of work and headed straight to my bro Roscoe Wiki's place. I've known him for a long time through our mutual friend G, and would slide through every now and then to work on some music here and there...till I fell off the Earth, lol.

We started early, and the first thing I observed is how many more people came through to see him; although it was just me and him there, the autographs of everyone who visits started taking over the ceiling board was crazy. He's had some much business growth that he's moving to a new location with more hands on deck; he's definitely making moves.

I had to shake off the cobwebs, but we managed to get through Track 1 of the Issued For Bid mix-tape...and it sounds good! Roscoe does great work man, I pretty much prefer him over everyone else (including myself) I've recorded with.

And there we go! Oh, I almost forgot; because today is Friday, I took the liberty of posting the first of the #FreeBeatFriday series I'll be doing. Potential interested person gets a free instrumental, I get potential traffic to my music. One hand washes the other and the two hands wash the face, so show love, and take the time to listen to my music. 

If you are curious, I did the artwork for the stuff; I mean, people typically do that, right? I can't be payin people all crazy to do all this random shit for me; sometimes you gotta pick and choose selectively what roles to take on yourself, vs. what you pay for. I think I did not too shabby for a noob.

If you have any feedback, leave a message on here, my sound-cloud, twitter, or even email me. I look forward to continuing music.




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