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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Contest Song

So...I picked the instrumental I was gonna use for the Anno Domini Nation song contest...which was, arguably, the hardest part. Even though I felt some way reading the contracts, as there are minor things here and there such as limitations on unit distribution (When I eventually attempt to profit off of this) and identification of the original beat (meaning, you HAVE to tell people what the beat you bought the rights to was and where you got it, leaving you wide open for niggas to bite your shit), these are QUALITY beats frfr. I think I learned some stuff just listening to them. Either way, they are beneficial to me in the long run, and I won't be running out of beats any time soon.

Now...the song...well...God, I guess I'm kinda embarrassed. LMFAO, cuz this song is fire, like definitely something that would get heavy rotation, but...I dunno, I guess I'll just post it up on Friday.

There was this one beat that really resonated with me and I really wanna use, but I'm saving it for my third mix-tape. I already have a title, and I'm sure it's gonna be good. Kinda Curren$yish, but all I can think about when I hear this instrumental is riding around on a summer day, just cruzin with me and my sons, man.  I love that shit, because it's swag + reality, not some hyper-dimensional, ballin out of control, fuckin all yo bitches kinda shit. The third mixtape will showcase more of where I am in my present tense than anything else- The Living Enviroment and You.

I...I really wanna win this competition, hahahah. Fam, I think I might have pulled some underhanded shit when it comes to my approach, because it struck me as the most effective route to victory, but you know, I could be proven wrong. All I know is that they are judging a song based on composition, sound quality, and presentation. Some things come easier to me than others, that's all. In this situation, I picked an instrumental that goes, but isn't too hyper-trapped out, gave it a backdrop familiar to where a song like this would be played, made the hook dumb catchy, and really pondered over the delivery of the verses. It's rap, not rocket science folks. I still stand by my notion of anyone being able to do this shit if they tried hard enough.

It's not even about the money...although, that would be nice. Seriously, look at the possible outcomes:

First of all, it would be nice to ACTUALLY WIN at something.  If you look at that first place slot, and erase the notion of money, it's still PROMOTION. OH YEAH, AND A SHIITTON OF FREE QUALITY ASS BEATS. Then there's the fact that they'll put you on their mix-tape! Nigga-synthesis! Lmfao I just wanted to say that real quick hahahah. They give you 15 unlimited licences...that's an album right there actually. You could sell that with no one trynna sue you for royalties or anything of that sort, which is pretty amazing. The interview part is pretty cool as I suppose it gives people a chance to get to know you? Odd, for as many Breakfast Club interviews I been watched, I would be uncertain of how that part would go down with me in the proverbial cockpit...I'm not THAT socially awkward or anything...but I would hope that the surrealness wouldn't get the best of me, you know? And who tf dosen't like a free teeshirt? I'm sayin tho.

Aw. There I go again...rambling. This contest has been open since November and I'm a last minute entry. There is a VERY good chance that I may not win...but you can't blame a guy for hoping and giving it his all, now can you?

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