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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Can't believe yesterday was a good day

What a day. it was...well, mostly it was normal af, haha. Drawing floor plans for a residential house some architect did by hand. It was impressive, as the guy didn't use software to do it, but sloppy, as some of his lines ran through each other and doubled over. His dimensions are off in multiple places and it feels like his T-square slipped when he was working, but hey, I get paid to make it look spiffy. Spiffy it shall look.

BACK TO MUSIC THO - this beat has been haunting me for a couple of days now. I'm the type of artist to work on a track that gives me some kind of feedback; I need an emotional response to instrumentals I hear. It's cool to rap over your own production, but sometimes other people create something that stirs your mind, and with it, your imagination. I'm definitely going to use it, no matter what.

I also plan on having the mix-tape I'm working on feature an artist other than me- def having the bro Roscoe Wiki bless a track. Due to the track order I re-worked, it's going to have to convey a particular feeling. I definitely have to give this some thought indeed. Even GR Zombie (another member of the collective rap group aside from Roscoe, 'Common Wealth Family') suggested we work on some music together. I'm all for it! Gotta catch him when I work on the next body of work considering this is mixtape has been done for a minute already...def catch him AND Roscoe on 'Redlines' (the second body of work I've been working on production for). I don't wanna be too feature heavy/dependent, but it would be nice to work on stuff with other people for a change of pace. Makes for great...uhhh...what's the word...damn it's on the tip of my tongue...hollup...well not tongue so much as fingertips...hollup...NETWORKING! Yeah, that's it, haha.

What made yesterday feel like a great day was mostly the fact that my song 'M.H.S.L.' got played on WDSR radio, an internet radio station out of the DMV area. I heard allot of tracks and was surprised that there was such a higher quality of music submitted than on K-100, and I mean across the board...maybe it was just a matter of coincidence?

Anyway, before they played my music, there was this one song that stood out to me dramatically. This woman by the name of Brielle Starre ( dropped this song called 'You Got Me'...God damn this woman can sing. Wtf. Wow. I was blown away for real, because everything about the song, from the vocals, to the instrumental, to the sound quality and general vibe was fascinating. I truly hope an opportunity comes up in the future in which I can work with her.

But maaaaannn...when I heard my song come on it caught me off guard hard af, hahaha.

I was hype, even though there wasn't allot of commentary due to the rotation of the music; like bro was getting to it. Only time he paused was when something wasn't that quality, and EVEN THEN, he wasn't being heartless about it, you know? I like the way he handled himself when he reviewed the music. He wasn't trynna kill anybodies feelings (because let's just admit that taking an L is a horrible feeling) but wasn't trynna let anyone slide too crazy. But as I said earlier, the quality of music submitted to this station was higher than when I submitted to K-100. He had a better selection to spin.

When the night's events are uploaded, I'll def repost it to here...even though nobody is reading this shit. Irregardless, that girl Brie was fire. Ego aside, I gotta repost it just to hear her voice again.

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