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Monday, February 6, 2017


Today has been feeling kinda odd for a Monday.

It started really with, as all days of the week, work; just kinda plugging away at an expanded site plan...kind of a pain in the ass, but I got it in the bag. While I was doing what I get paid to do, I was waiting on some emails from my bro Roscoe Wiki; the tracks we did on Thursday felt alittle echo-y, so I asked for them without the doubles.

While waiting on them and talking to him meanwhile, it seems like the homie is kinda frustrated at what has been going on? The general surmise that I get from it is that not every client is...well...cordial. This kinda shocked me frfr, because the last nigga someone should get mad at as an artist is the wtf would people be tripping out? I gave Roscoe some words of encouragement, because in all honesty, he's where some of these rappers wish they could be; doing music for a LIVING. Bro legit gets paid to mix people's music and shoot their videos. From what I gather, that takes allot of patience. I wish people weren't doushebag-ish.

But what happened after was kinda odd; I started to get emails from people showcasing their services; one from an engineer producer in similar fashion to Roscoe, another was a straight up producer who's done work for some pretty notable people. I told the engineer dude that his work is good, because it was, but atm my loyalty regarding those kinds of services remain with the bro Roscoe; I'm no flake, and Roscoe has done nothing but been supportive and understanding. Loyalty to those who believe in and are supportive of you is important to me. Maybe in the future or something, but right now I'm playing home base.

Heard two beat samples that were too killer in the other email; CashMoneyAP was charging a discounted price for his beats. Now I've been doing my own beats for the most part lately, but they sounded DUMB CLEAN. I would shell out the bread if I had it, so I'll hold onto this for later; his credits include Young Thug, Rae Sremmurd, Migos, Fetty Wap, and Lil Yachty. To be considered by someone who's done music for these people is kinda crazy frfr.

Its not that I haven't gotten these kind of emails before, because I have. It just felt like this time it was as a result of listening to my music as opposed to a random-ass email blast. It felt...good? Am I allowed to feel that way yet? Hahah, I dunno.

On another note, I got a response from Anno Domini Nation when I resent the cleaner version of the contest song...and the mysterious entity that replied thought it was a great track!

This shit right here made me feel vindicated. I didn't even win shit and I feel like I got the validation I've been seeking. I'm not about to stick my chest out all crazy and act like my shit don't stink, but it made me feel better as an artist, and oddly, as a person. I just have to believe in myself more, I guess. Believe in myself, and make music that's dope. Artistry first. That image shit can come wwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy later. Not even worried bout that right now.

Now's not the time to be lax tho. This just means I'm in the right direction. Here's to hoping for a better future. The only question on my mind as of this point is is this coincidence, or validity? I wonder.

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