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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Emails, emails, emails

You know, lately I've been getting allot of messages. I would like to blame the fact that my notifications for Twitter go off in my emails, which start blaring when I get one, but it's the content that makes me question them.

First off, the odd questions that I have, but no one around me to actually answer them; how the fuck are people automatically sending me messages? Is it a program? Is it a copy and paste prompt? I never understood that aspect of Twitter. Do they really mean my music is dope when they say that, or is it a part of a script everyone gets when they are selling a promotional service?

Then comes the harder question...what's the difference between PROMOTION, and BUYING VIEWS? This part is bothering me, because I thought that I'd want my progress to be is it NOT organic if I pay for promotion, or is that just a part of the "business" of music?

I don't wanna put too much hope into stuff like that, because everyone is SELLING me something. I thought that if I was dope enough, and focused on the art, that people would develop an interest and offer these things to me without monetary exchange...maybe that was me being naive.

I don't know the answers to this shit, and I feel like I could stumble if I'm not I guess I'll just watch where I step. #FreeBeatFridays tomorrow, studio next Thursday.

 I guess sometime this weekend/next week the results of the Anno Domini Nation contest come out; at first I had higher expectations of self, but after finding out they had over a thousand songs submitted to them, I dunno. Even if we use basic principles of rationale and rule out 80% of those tracks (general reasons like terrible sound quality, or just something cringe-worthy), That would still be roughly 240+ songs to take into consideration. Of that, given my approach, at best I'd be top 20? I dunno really. There is always someone more talented than you in the world. Either way, I'm glad I participated.

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