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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Micro-updates (God , what a horrid title)

For a couple of days (Well, this entire week so far) I've been getting very little sleep. Music has been the reason! Haha, at least I'll get some kinda sleep this weekend.

Made some adjustments to the overall mix-tape by removing an instrumental I produced, and replacing it with one my bro Roscoe Wiki did. It was a beat he just threw on SoundCloud for the free/promotional reasons, but MANNNNNN....listen. This guy used the piano keys from the instrumental of the Big L/ Jay Z iconic-ass freestyle and swagged it with a modern kick/snare/hat pattern with some dope extras, and when I heard it, it did two things; blew my mind, and made me wanna use it. So after getting the okay, I downloaded it, and decided to incorporate it into the mix-tape as opposed to another track for the sake of cohesiveness. I think it was a good call. Funny thing is, he did this beat a minute ago. I will definitely make it my mission to get him on one of his beats for the next project.

Other than that, I found a random post on twitter that felt like it would be a good mantra/way to try and live my life. While not always feasible, it's always something to strive for.

 Distance yourself from:

1 Clutter

2 Noise

3 Indifference

4 Cynics

5 Resentment

6 Negativity

7 Entitlement

8 Arrogance

9 Ego

On another note, the Looperman community has been checking me out more frequently than anyone on SoundCloud or YouTube, lmfao. S/O to them man, they continuously prove themselves to be a dope group of people. I appreciate them sincerely.

#FreeBeatFridays tomorrow, along with music! Progress feels good.

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