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Friday, February 10, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays #4 ...and a harsh lesson learned

Hey everyone.

My normally energetic self is a bit deflated at the moment. I'll explain in a bit, but installment #4 of my #FreeBeatFridays series comes first:

Download at my sound-cloud here:

Now that that is out of the way, I find it imperitive to spead awareness, and as usual, at my expense.

The producer THAT I THOUGHT was CashMoneyAP was not him at all. I basically got finissed out of money via a payal scam. View how the bullshit went down;

Now normally I'd be hot fuckin soup, but right now I'm kinda...disappointed? Haha, I thought someone that has produced for well known artists really acknowledged my minuscule ass footwork. I mean, in a way it has, as I've gotten in contact with THE REAL CashMoneyAP and forwarded him the emails so he can get to the bottom of the situation...but this was an L for me fam. It was such a nice damned beat too; the mix was clear, the progression was inspiring, and really felt like something I could rap over. It was the type of production I aspire to have.

I know how this happened though for real; it's that inner desire for acknowledgement that people like me have that prompted illogical conclusions and the glazing over of suspicious movements. I stopped being humble, and got finessed.

But it's all good, I needed this reality check, and I'm thankful it happened early; I'm not too big on social media, so now I am aware of the fact that people who engage in these actions are around too. I need to cross check everyone. And now I have to pay attention to EVERYONE in my these "promotion" people.

Gonna take a long walk home and self reflect. Studio Thursday.

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