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Friday, February 17, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays 5, and music!

And here we are with another action packed #FreeBeatFridays installation! I was gonna name the title of this #FreeBeatFridays 5: The Revenge, but I just didn't, lol. So LET'S GET INTO IT!

This track was originally going to be apart of my mix-tape I'm currently working on, but I felt like an instrumental done by the bro Roscoe Wiki was more cohesive. Was an executive decision, so I figured why not showcase this instrumental/give it to an artist that can use a beat. Sad to see it go, but it's too dope for me to be selfish with and just hold on to on some random shit. So same jist, free for commercial/non commercial use, please just give me my credit (Prod. by Dev Structures).

 And here comes the arm cannons; I did some music yesterday at the studio, and got some stuff I think is pretty decent. The first one is Track 3 of my mixtape I am slowly chipping away at called 'Issued For Bid'. The track is entitled 'Northside'. Production was done by me (Dev Structures), with engineering by Roscoe Wiki (

The second track I did last night was the 4th track of the same mix-tape in progress! The track is entitled, 'M.H.S.L.'. the production AND engineering was done by Roscoe Wiki. You don't understand how much of a fiend I was for this track bruh lol:

All in all, was a pretty productive night. The last track of the evening was a little tricky considering I wrote it in my spare time in a day and a half (here and there) right before going to studio, but we got through it. 

On another note, I ran into InkyBootyJudy last night as well! Apparently, she had the session after mine and was coming through to get a final mix for her show that same night. I literally walked out of the recording area and we locked eyes as she was on the couch across from me. It was odd, because I was legit surprised she was there, but it was good to see her again. I don't think she remembered me like that frfr, but she was smiling (she's a pretty cheerful person) and cordial...and animated af lol. Last night was pretty fun. Compared to the last time we crossed paths, this time was way less nerve racking...maybe because I was already done recording? Yeah, I think that was it, hahah!

Instagram: @Inky_BootyJudy
Twitter: @INKY_BootyJudy

The vibes last night was dope fr man. The conversations were pretty whimsical, but had pretty serious and insightful moments regarding taking music at a professional level; we spoke briefly on merchandising, performances, copyrighting...basically a bunch of shit I'm not ready for just yet, lol. 

Watching Judy prepare for her performance made me think that I must be either incredibly stoic or depressed; I laugh about things regularly, yeah, but her energy was on another level. It made be seem like I was a manic depressive in comparison. something for me to self reflect on through the weekend.

What was crazy was that she liked the song she heard me finishing up (M.H.S.L.)! It's funny when I think about it because I can remember a time in which such was not the case...guessed I improved! 

Towards the end of the night, me and Roscoe spoke about the Pittsburgh scene; shows and whatnot. He's been at this for 14 years or so now, and when you listen to his production and confidence in his artistry, it makes sense. talking to him and hearing him reminisce about these things made me feel kinda maybe too old to be doing this, but he said that I simply have a different perspective.

It's cool when someone who as been at it for a minute can assess you and find your efforts to be worthwhile; it makes me think that I have material that's really capable of getting out there.

I listened to some of his beats in his vault while we were talking...and boi lemmie tell you some shit bruh; he got the mu-fuccin' flame. He legit has his own style. I should have just fucked with him from the rip instead of trynna get that CashMoneyAP beat. I told him about that situation, hahah. Wit my goofy ass. That Luke Cage, NY State of Mind, and Hey Arnold beat were pretty beastly. I'll put some money aside for those, one at a time. I look forward to a day when my production evolves to something comparable to where he's at.

And that was, for the most part with bits and pieces not really mentioned, it! Good night, good vibes, networking, a demonstration of showmanship, and just cool chilling. recording every other Thursdays on southside have become my sort of getaway/hangout spot.

Alright, time to get for my doctors appointment. 

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