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Friday, February 24, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays 6! And with it, rambling

Just as the title insinuates, #FreeBeatFridays is here! I can't believe I made it to the 6th installment, I feel good about my dedication to this series! Consistency is key.

Anyway, the beat this week is entitled 'Crane Kick' and follows the Asiatic vibe I had from last week. I probably won't re-visit this kind of sound for a minute, but it turned out nice. You could even R&B swag it if you wanted to, a pretty versatile, yet laid back, kind if instrumental.

Download 'Crane Kick' here!

Last night was...different. I don't interact with too many people, mostly just because I mind my business and focus on what I'm up to, but every now and then I'll chill with people. In last night's case, it was my neighbor.

Was pretty cool for the most part, just cuttin up...but it brought up something sorta important; the importance of the freestyle. No nigga, I don't mean something pre-written or pre-meditated, I mean something you are literally just making up as you go. What bothers me about this is that my ability to do such is...well...lackluster.

If I'm being dead ass about this, allot of artists nowadays lack the ability to flow at the drop of a dime. I don't think this is something that should be ignored though, as I feel that having that skillset is a part of what makes you a complete artist. I haven't tried to work on it, mostly because I'm busy doing other stuff, but partly out of embarrassment; what bothers me about the notion of a freestyle is what niggas resort to when they start to do such - violence.

This is serious to me, because I'm a laid back guy. For me to be cerebral when I rhyme it requires flashbacks, moments of silence, wrestling with issues that bother me as an individual...THOUGHT. I feel like if I started freestyling, I would do the same shit almost everyone else does when they do it, and rap about how your gonna murk X, stack money like Y, fuck yo bitch Z. Yadda yadda ya. Look, I don't even wanna perpetuate the bullshit. 

Now there are exceptions to that; there are a TON of rappers that can do such, and it's amazing when they do. The flip-side to that notion is that some can't compose songs, and some aren't really freestyling; niggas write and memorize before they spit. Biggest example I can think of off the top of my head is the Jay-Z/Big L freestyle. Only reason I bring it up is because in the second set of 16's, in which L starts off, he mentions the notion of rapping one more set of bars that HE WROTE.

Another example is one of my favorite freestyles, Ghostface Method Man 93' freestyle:

In this one, what makes me question the make up of this is in certain bars, it seems like Ghost already knew what Meth was saying, as he chimes in, doubling up on his rhyme scheme. Irregardless, it doesn't diminish from the moment, as the entire things from start to finish was FIRE. Like damn. If there was anyone I would wanna freestyle like, it would be Method...even Royce da 5'9".

Lupe Fiasco, Styles P, and Papoose doing a BET freestyle. Bruh this is one of the hardest freestyles I've ever heard. What is jarring about it looking back, is that I can identify that Pap was off the dome and nice with it. Irregardless, Lupe steps in and illuminates the got damned cipher. I would wanna be that guy, hahah.

Alright alright last one is more modern, Action Bronson's hot 97 freestyle. It's so amazing it makes me wonder what is pre meditated and what is just straight off top, but the whimsical aspects of Bronson's rhyme scheme is amazing! It's one thing to be fire, its another thing to be fire AND ELICIT AN EMOTION RESPONSE. You can't listen to him without laughing at some of the wild shit bruh be sayin! If your ever in a bad mood, you can listen to his shit and laugh, not because he's not nice, but because his style is unorthodox and he's not trying to be some hype tough ass nigga. Even when Big Body talks his shit you gotta laugh; I mean he's dead ass serious while making you laugh tho.

I don't know who makes the rules up for this; what is a freestyle? What isn't? Perception has driven particular artists to LEGENDARY status, and has made others look lackluster in comparison. I dunno how other niggas rock, but I wanna be great at this. I suppose I'll have to start practicing for the sake of being a more well rounded artist. I gotta make the time to hone this.

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