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Friday, February 3, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays is here, Accompanied with music!

Friday is here! I spend a good deal of time uploading everything, but got everything I aimed to get complete done with one exception: radio edits. Oh well, I can deal with that later.

First thing's first: #FreeBeatFridays! This one is called, "Way Too Smooth". As usual, it is free for commercial/non commercial use. Do whatever, just give me the proper credits and it's all good.

Download Way Too Smooth here:

I was at my folk Roscoe Wiki's new place on south-side, and I gotta say I'm def proud of bro. He's moving up in the world, place was chill af. I noticed that the jitters I would usually have pretty much subsided; I can step in and record with a pretty high level of comfort. Self confidence is the eternal work in progress, but not feeling nervous about what your about to do sure takes the edge off.

We recorded the song for the Anno Domini Nation song submission contest first; I had allot of doubts, but Roscoe believed that it turned out dope, so I'm inclined to believe him.

Download Put It In My Hands here:

Round the time we were finishing this up, we stepped outside to smoke a square (cigarettes, I call em squares), when we just started talking about random shit from the view from his place, to the proximity to bars and drunk college girls, to expanding his business venture...when I brought up something I meant to ask for awhile; I really wanted to know if the confidence level of people that some to record with him are high. The response that I got was surprising as fuck - no.

I guess in a way we are all self conscious as artists? Lol it's gonna take me awhile to absorb that frfr. Roscoe thinks I'm too humble, lmfao; he likened me to someone who, "has it", and dosen't even realize it. That's dope as hell to me for someone like him to think of me as having some kind of talent. I told myself that if I ever really get somewhere with this music stuff, I'd have him right there with me.

Another thing that surprised me was an alternate perspective on having a wife and kids. My challenging norm is something to aspire for...and in my mind I knew I always wanted these things...but I just wasn't aware of how much OTHER people desire the same thing. I think that's kinda cool to have similarities and like desires/expectations from life. It makes me feel less like a wierdo hahah.

But back to the music- we started on the next track with time to kill and I was hype, but there was one short comming...the damned folder I keep my written music in had a sheet missing! Now, luckily every morning on the bus ride to work, followed by the short walk in I would go over this song until I had practically memorized it, so it wasn't such a bbbiiigggg deal. I stepped in and knocked it out with relative ease.

Download Hooptie 17' here:

Now I always liked going over this song, but I'm, as Roscoe says, not always around other people to gauge my music. So whenever people say they like my music, I'm always taken back hahahah. I always appreciate that shit man, like it's awe inspiring and motivating, you know? So when Roscoe was telling me how much he liked this one, I was kinda starting to believe in myself more. What's doper is that one of his roommates/fellow engineers thought it was dope too! We just met, and I thought that was cool af.

My bro G was supposed to come through but it never happened. Maybe next time. I got to sit in on abit of another session; watching other people's recording process is pretty interesting, but it was getting late and I had to be in work early.

On another note, Roscoe played a song for me he has yet to drop that is too crazy. No lie I kinda wanna get on that song, hahahah. Hope he drops it soon.

Today came, I uploaded everything, posted stuff, emailed the contest song, and submitted a song for radio-play to a station in Atlanta (K-100). I'm tired af. There's other shit I wanna do, but first I need to recharge.

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