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Monday, February 20, 2017

Oh well

Monday is here, and with it, the triumphant return of my cable and internet at home! Was a couple of savage months, but I managed somehow, lol. The real test coming up is my ability to remain consistent surrounded by potential distractions. I think I should be okay though.

The Anno Domini Nation competition results came up; I didn't win anything, lol. Not a top 10, not a runner up, not an honorable mention....nada. It's all good though, I managed to get a glimpse based on who they had judging and the style of instrumentals they typically put out of what type of music they were determining to be top rated. They preferred old school styled rappers (and old school styled beats), and that is cool, but I wish I had that kinda insight before hand. I would have gone in a different route, but it is what it is. They definitely had a couple of cuts on the site I would have used opposed to what I sent in. Maybe next year. Knowledge is power.

Otherwise, I'm cooln! Got the beat for this week's #FreeBeatFridays already picked out. Been in an Asiatic vibe lately.

I heard a beat from another site that I'm pretty familiar with: JeeJuh. They had a couple of instrumentals I liked, but one that haunts tf outta me. Like, I need that beat. I def wanna get one from Roscoe it's like, how do I go about this? The track order of my mix-tape has changed; I even swapped out my production for one of Roscoe's. As of this point, I've recorded in the order I want the tape to be put in. I'm trying not to break that. So for today, I'm gonna weigh out the pros and cons of swapping out production.

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