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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stay Focused

Going back over some of this music I'm preparing to record has me wanting to make subtle changes. I think I'm going to make a particular instrumental I produced (and ultimately planed on recording/using) a part of the #FreeBeatFridays series I'm doing. It's a shame, because the beat is pretty dope, but after really giving it some thought these past couple of days, I just decided I'm gonna replace it with something more fitting. So this Friday is my loss, but a gain in the grand scheme of things.

Other than that, I found out that the Anno Domini Nation song contest results are going to come out this Sunday. I don't expect much as of this point, but I'll def be keeping my eyes out for it, just to see what's up.

I've been having this weird re-occurring problem lately; I keep day-dreaming. Of course everyone does it, yes, but this strikes me as kinda od. I keep thinking about answering interview questions, or what would I say if I ever won something...and I'm starting to get annoyed about it. Why get my hopes up over some shit equivalent to wining the lottery? Is generating money from rapping even real? Smfh. I just wish to remain grounded and just focus on making music and taking care of my family. Getting my hopes up all crazy just to get deflated is the story of my life. Bruh, I'm tired. Either I'm gonna win or I'm not but I swear I don't feel like debating with myself the ramifications of success, or anything that comes with it...artistry first.

I don't have any real kind of image as an artist yet either...I thought I'd just be me and see how that works out.

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