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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Studio Day

Sup random ass reader! Ole, "lemmie see what you doin" head ass nigga! Nah lemmie stop, hahah.

So, Got the instrumental for Free Beat Friday tomorrow finished, and it's pretty nice! The beat kinda feel like a Chris Brown, poplock down a random street for the affections of a girl type of vibe...lmfao. I'll be putting it up tomorrow.

Special thanks to Spivkurl from Looperman for his advice on mixing; like I said before, I'm still new to this, but I am, as always, receptive to constructive criticism because it does nothing but build me up! If you, YES, YOU, random person reading know a thing or two about music production, hit my email up! Don't be a stranger!

On another note, studio session tonight at Roscoe Wiki's new place! I'll be recording track two from my Issued For Bid mix-tape, entitled "Hooptie 17'", and will also be doing the song for the Anno Domini Nation competition I'm entering late as hell, entitled, "Put It In My Hands". Fingers crossed an all that. I even made some fancy artwork to go with it, as I always do, because hey, presentation is important. That and niggas need something to look at on YouTube while a song is playing, hahahaha.

Stuff's coming out tomorrow, so everything's good *Chance The Rapper voice*. I WILL have clean radio edits of both songs, cuz, "Be Prepared". I guess I have the dentist vist on Saturday (FUCK!), so I may be out of commission depending on what he does to me for a little bit (Basically, pull teeth, or nah). Regarding the competition song, I don't know if I should post the song after I make it...the rules never said anything against it, so I dunno how exactly to approach that? I guess I'll post it since the rules don't say anything about that. Guess I'll submit it to radio stations too! I'll post it where I post everything else; YouTube, SoundCloud, Looperman, Twitter, Instagram...and here!

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