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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Order is crumbling. destroy and rebuild!

I realized something last night when I was working on how I wanted the track order for my mix-tape to be may very well have to be changed.

I'm aiming to replace the original track one with another track, as I've stumbled upon something really cool to sample (thank you Roscoe for putting me on to this random YouTube playlist, this music is dope). I think it will make a better introduction track, and give the mix-tape a nicer feel across the board. For some reason I've been thinking about the overall feel of it as opposed to a track by track basis.

Another thing I've changed is that I'm going to get a feature from Roscoe. It only feels right. Next mix-tape I'll be sure to catch him and GR Zombie for sure.

So as far as attempting to label these tracks or try to record them in the order I want, that may be nixed. Yeah, I'm pretty sure of it. I'm really trying to be taken seriously this time.

Oh, on another note, here is the replay of when I got played on WDSR. I submitted tracks to two differnt stations, so I'm gonna have to listen to BOTH tonight hahaha.

Scroll to the playlist, Track 6 (02-21-17), towards the end of the segment

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