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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1/2 Full? 1/2 Empty? I don't have the answers, Sway

I find myself in an agitated state; even though it's raining today, even though half my jeans are wet, even though my headphones aren't working anymore and I left my breakfast and lunch at home, I find myself more so agitated by what went down last night. Read through my current state to understand the underlying message please.

So I submitted the same song to two different radio stations (K-100 and WDSR) and basically got two different results. It bothers me because on K-100, I legit looked for the reason they Killed my track, as I always try and find something to learn from. But what I witnessed what straight bullshit. this is the first time I felt that way too.

People say they pay attention to lyrics, people say they need something new, people claim they dislike being lied to, but all of that is a falsehood from what I witnessed last night. I realize that people are sheep-like, and will literally dance to the tune at the moment, even if their innate opinion dictates otherwise. Don't blame the industry, it's ultimately on you, the listener.

I choose to approached music with a level of sincerity. Hooptie 17' was supposed to be for the everyday man pushing an everyday whip. We don't all have Range Rovers, so should we be rapping about that shit? You got an A to B whip, but didn't you work hard for it? You ain't sacrifice for it? You not making payments on it if it's a little on the nice side? Be real with yourself.

Then, these niggas compared me to mumble rap on some passive shit; I swear these niggas be on some straight bullshit. I took aspects, sure. But how can you say my flow crazy but my lyrics aren't? God forbid I was rapping about some bullshit, because you'd sooner eat that than something you claim you're looking for.

I put my absolute trust in Roscoe, so for them to argue the notion of sound quality bothered me as well. It was like they took a shot at my mans, like none of these niggas are professional ANYTHING. The homie went to school for this, learned his craft...he knows wtf he's doing. Better the reasoning be the mixing of the beat than you talk shit about my nigga's work. That ain't sit well with me at all. This is who mixes my music. This is who's production I aspire to sound like. This is one of the few friends I have in my life, much less, Pittsburgh.

I think the most annoying part was when this one broad in the FB live section was clowning my shit; it wasn't anything wild, but she was mad passive aggressive, and at first, I thought she was here to critique and know, show love for the work K-100 is attempting to do. FIVE MINUTES LATER, this broad's song comes on. She does the most bitch-ass shit I've seen a person do, and basically up-votes her own shit like, "ILL I KILLEDDDDD THAT!"........-_-

I can break this down any number of ways, but I'll get to the point; her song came on, and from the production style, to the method/delivery of flow, she straight bit Lil Yachty. I think it's crazy that people will dog the shit out of this nigga, but when he's not in a vicinity to defend himself, EMULATE HIS SHIT. Dog, not only was this woman taking shots at me when I did my own production and gave sincere thought before writing, but nonchalantly beefed up herself like she really did something worthwhile.

It's the fuckery I can't stand when it comes to being middle-maned in the "industry". It isn't some magical, singular building, or entity; it is comprised of everyone who DJs, hosts a radio station, manages an artist, is an artist, etc etc. Once you render someone's services and money is exchanged, YOU. ARE. IN. So "making it" or "blowing up" is not only a falsehood, but the quality of the "industry" deteriorates because people fail to recognize their role and due diligence!

There was only a couple of people who really showed loved, and the most vocal defender of the track WAS A DJ. He knew was up, but when it came down to a comparison of tracks, I got styled and the host defended her because he "never heard of Lil Yachty". Now hold up a second. You are a representative of the "industry", a radio host, who doesn't keep up with what is CURRENTLY going on in it?

Irregardless, the SAME song was submitted to WDSR and is getting rotation. IN FACT, ANOTHER ARTISTS MUSIC JUST SO HAPPENED TO HIT THE SAME STATION. S/o I-30, because he knew it was funny style. His record was a club record, worthy of getting spins because it would turn the spot up on some chill shit, and they stunted on him.

So what have I gained from this? Perspective. Perception truly rules the world. I couldn't even let it end like that, and while the rotation was going on, submitted 'M.H.S.L.' for play.

 It'll take like 2-3 weeks, but if these people front on me again I don't think I'll be submitting to them anymore; I get the vibe that the host just doesn't really rock with my music like that, and that makes him extra critical of my shit.

This isn't about my ego, or the next man's, it's about getting music out there to the people. I need a REAL outlet. or some working headphones. Or maybe some jeans that would dry faster. Nah, it just might be food. Nothing worse than being irritated and hungry.

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