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Friday, March 10, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays 8 /w a Side of Random Thoughts

I nearly forgot to do this after uploading everything. So, here's #FreeBeatFridays 8th installment, 'Majestic'. Produced by me, Dev Structures, free for you. Please give me credit if your gonna use it. 

So, that out of the way, mi have some tings on mi mind. 

This week has been kind of like a miniature version of hell, but I maneuvered, survived, and did everything I set out to accomplish. I made the video/tutorial of the recording isolation booth with the associated 3-D model, I got the instrumental for #FreeBeatFridays taken care of, as well as the art associated with it, I made two contracts for my homie Roscoe who's been having trouble with people keeping to their appointments/schedules, and did all of that while dealing with a tight deadline at work, children that bounce off the walls every night who demand to play mario bros., and my wife...who's being my wife. Iced coffee, black (no sugar no creamer), is probably my blood now. If you stabbed me I'd bleed caffeine all over the place.

And yet...lately I've been feeling super hopeful, even though I know I shouldn't. I lost my health insurance, had to give up over $300 to get my taxes done, I won't see my tax return till like end of summer, I'm paying more child support than I'm supposed to and can't get time off to schedule an appointment, the daycare is STILL backed up and has been for months now...and yet I'm bobin and weavin. The only thing that really concerns me as of this point is my health insurance; like, I def need that, because...well...I hear voices. I haven't been diagnosed, but I'm in the process of seeing someone to get appropriate refills in medication and a final diagnosis. I still feel pretty optimistic despite the week I had. I'm honestly just glad that it's pretty much over.

Other things happened too; lmaooo, went over to the neighbor Zack to get a light for my cig, because I started smoking again (fml), and he invited me inside where I guess there was some kind of cypher. I observed, as I always do, until I was asked to get in...lmaoooo. I spit something light and the whole room got quiet. I was nervous, because I haven't did that in awhile, but it seemed like they were impressed, hahah. Was a good feeling. I promoted my music, and got some listeners!

Aside from that, my video on the assembly of the isolation/sound booth I put together for Roscoe now has more views than anything else I did. Ugh. I dunno how to feel about it yet. Like damn, listen to my music, hahah.

I got back in contact with DJ Chevy of Square1Radio and Grind Hard DJs. It's been a minute since we spoke; nothing based in animosity or anything like that, but I was caught up in the projects, and Chevy was going about his daily. Sometimes people just distance themselves because, life. That's how it's been for a minute now. I told him I'm working on music again, and submitted some stuff for radio play on his station. I def need to get better at keeping lines of communication open, so I gave him my contact info and new number. 

All in all, I've been shootin' moves. Alright, I'm finna make my escape from work. Headed to the south siiiidddeeeee, howbouda?

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