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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How to build a Recording/Isolation Booth!

This is a project that I am undertaking with my friend Roscoe and the rest of the collective he's a part of known as the Common Wealth Family. The goal is to build a recording/isolation booth with a decent budget (for this it came up to around $500). The price is only that much because of additional things added, but if your thrifty you can cut corners and find discounts. I suggest you look around and gather what you can prior to purchasing anything. You'd be surprised how much that cost drops. Prices based on Walmart and Home Depot in Pittsburgh, PA.

But enough talk, here's the vid! Music in the vid is by Common Wealth Family, Dev Structures, and Roscoe Wiki. enjoy~

If you are interested in the 3-D model and guide, just email me. If anyone is watching anyway, haha. At least listen to my music before you come asking me for stuff though; I put allot of thought and work into this, so show love.

Twitter/Instagram - @DevStructures


#FreeBeatFriday this week is gonna be fire. I normally don't speak that highly of myself, but I put together a pretty good beat for y'all. Looking forward to it.

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