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Friday, April 28, 2017

End of week 1 of running

Mann...what the fuck. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (today) were brutal. I was humbled! All of the muscle groups in my legs are dumb sore, my back is sore, I suck a stretching...I reek of tiger balm...but there are some advantages I noticed almost instantly:

1) More energy: I am waking up before the alarm even goes off, and I'm not even tired when this happens.

2) I get in my office at 6:50. I don't normally start until 7:30 M-T and 8 on F. Clocking in earlier to get off earlier ftw!

3) I ran 9.3 miles this week...9.3 more than any week I've had in a couple of YEARS. Maybe 7ish?

There are things I can definitely improve on, but for now a couple of adjustments:

1) I NEED MORE SUPPLEMENTS. I am gonna splurge for some stuff in the next couple of weeks.

2) I NEED A NEW BLENDER. It would be clutch to have for smoothies.

3) I NEED TO INCORPORATE ADDITIONAL EXORCISES. Will be adding the 100 Push-up challenge ( and 200 Sit-up challenge ( to my iterations come next Monday. When I shed more weight, I will add more stuff to the list (Pull-ups, burpies, etc)

This is gonna is sucking right now...but I'll keep at it. More than aesthetics, this will help my confidence, as well as assist with breath control and delivery when I rap. Kind of a pain in the ass, yes, but I'll see it through. I am adamant about trying to make some life changes for the sake of improvement...wherever it may occur.

Meanwhile, I am slowly etching away at production; DJ Chevy has an AKAI 49 with a broken key that he's gonna lend to me. Having that as opposed to just a computer keyboard and mouse will defiantly improve the time and enjoyment factors of production. Sent two beats out to Hollyhood (, and plan on sending two more her way to pick a track from for us to work on together. I would like to finish the track I plan on doing with GR Zombie this weekend. May work on other stuff as well, I plan on fiddling with beats tonight and throughout the weekend.

Things have been pretty cool; I gotta harass Roscoe to finish up the damned beat I sent him lol. But otherwise, yeah.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

He appears!

Okay, so I should get some things off my chest.

First off, #FreeBeatFridays is over. No, it's not because I couldn't continue it, but because I doubt it's utility. I always felt like if I was in a position to help aspiring artists out, I would, but the reception was barely there. Some people downloaded stuff from looperman, but never did I get hit back by anybody who actually did something with my stuff. It didn't really do anything to increase my views or plays either. All that effort of trying to get some stuff out to people turned into much of nothing, and I'm not one to misuse my time nowadays...okay I'm lying, but I don't wanna keep giving away free beats that nobody is using, or will jack and not say anything.

Additionally, I was subtly warned that if I did keep putting out free beats, that person in question would basically "Steal my style" per say. I dunno how exactly I feel about that, so rather than head in a direction where someone inspires antagonism from me, I find it an additional reason to just stop. I still make beats, I just don't give them away anymore.

Anyways, since the last time I was here I recorded 5 songs...that I did nothing with. Many things happened on that Friday at Roscoe's, and some of it when received was corrupted...something weird keeps happening with Roscoe's computer and mic. We planned on meeting on Sunday to kind of look over them while we build the booth, but this pay Sunday was as far as I've been informed, the plan is to just meet up this Sunday and build the booth/fix the songs before posting them. To be honest, 2 of them turned out lackluster, maybe 3 if you add the rough I did the Sunday before Easter. So I guess that would be 6 songs, huh? lol.

Anyways, just been dabbling in production, trying to get a feel for where I wanna go. It seems like the original format of the mix-tape or whatever is changing again. Some songs are out, so I have to replace them. I also have to inquire about that beat Roscoe and I were working on but hasn't been finished.

I don't wanna say too much, but I've been pretty uneasy lately. Dissatisfied with my results, so to speak.