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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Order is crumbling. destroy and rebuild!

I realized something last night when I was working on how I wanted the track order for my mix-tape to be may very well have to be changed.

I'm aiming to replace the original track one with another track, as I've stumbled upon something really cool to sample (thank you Roscoe for putting me on to this random YouTube playlist, this music is dope). I think it will make a better introduction track, and give the mix-tape a nicer feel across the board. For some reason I've been thinking about the overall feel of it as opposed to a track by track basis.

Another thing I've changed is that I'm going to get a feature from Roscoe. It only feels right. Next mix-tape I'll be sure to catch him and GR Zombie for sure.

So as far as attempting to label these tracks or try to record them in the order I want, that may be nixed. Yeah, I'm pretty sure of it. I'm really trying to be taken seriously this time.

Oh, on another note, here is the replay of when I got played on WDSR. I submitted tracks to two differnt stations, so I'm gonna have to listen to BOTH tonight hahaha.

Scroll to the playlist, Track 6 (02-21-17), towards the end of the segment

Friday, February 24, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays 6! And with it, rambling

Just as the title insinuates, #FreeBeatFridays is here! I can't believe I made it to the 6th installment, I feel good about my dedication to this series! Consistency is key.

Anyway, the beat this week is entitled 'Crane Kick' and follows the Asiatic vibe I had from last week. I probably won't re-visit this kind of sound for a minute, but it turned out nice. You could even R&B swag it if you wanted to, a pretty versatile, yet laid back, kind if instrumental.

Download 'Crane Kick' here!

Last night was...different. I don't interact with too many people, mostly just because I mind my business and focus on what I'm up to, but every now and then I'll chill with people. In last night's case, it was my neighbor.

Was pretty cool for the most part, just cuttin up...but it brought up something sorta important; the importance of the freestyle. No nigga, I don't mean something pre-written or pre-meditated, I mean something you are literally just making up as you go. What bothers me about this is that my ability to do such is...well...lackluster.

If I'm being dead ass about this, allot of artists nowadays lack the ability to flow at the drop of a dime. I don't think this is something that should be ignored though, as I feel that having that skillset is a part of what makes you a complete artist. I haven't tried to work on it, mostly because I'm busy doing other stuff, but partly out of embarrassment; what bothers me about the notion of a freestyle is what niggas resort to when they start to do such - violence.

This is serious to me, because I'm a laid back guy. For me to be cerebral when I rhyme it requires flashbacks, moments of silence, wrestling with issues that bother me as an individual...THOUGHT. I feel like if I started freestyling, I would do the same shit almost everyone else does when they do it, and rap about how your gonna murk X, stack money like Y, fuck yo bitch Z. Yadda yadda ya. Look, I don't even wanna perpetuate the bullshit. 

Now there are exceptions to that; there are a TON of rappers that can do such, and it's amazing when they do. The flip-side to that notion is that some can't compose songs, and some aren't really freestyling; niggas write and memorize before they spit. Biggest example I can think of off the top of my head is the Jay-Z/Big L freestyle. Only reason I bring it up is because in the second set of 16's, in which L starts off, he mentions the notion of rapping one more set of bars that HE WROTE.

Another example is one of my favorite freestyles, Ghostface Method Man 93' freestyle:

In this one, what makes me question the make up of this is in certain bars, it seems like Ghost already knew what Meth was saying, as he chimes in, doubling up on his rhyme scheme. Irregardless, it doesn't diminish from the moment, as the entire things from start to finish was FIRE. Like damn. If there was anyone I would wanna freestyle like, it would be Method...even Royce da 5'9".

Lupe Fiasco, Styles P, and Papoose doing a BET freestyle. Bruh this is one of the hardest freestyles I've ever heard. What is jarring about it looking back, is that I can identify that Pap was off the dome and nice with it. Irregardless, Lupe steps in and illuminates the got damned cipher. I would wanna be that guy, hahah.

Alright alright last one is more modern, Action Bronson's hot 97 freestyle. It's so amazing it makes me wonder what is pre meditated and what is just straight off top, but the whimsical aspects of Bronson's rhyme scheme is amazing! It's one thing to be fire, its another thing to be fire AND ELICIT AN EMOTION RESPONSE. You can't listen to him without laughing at some of the wild shit bruh be sayin! If your ever in a bad mood, you can listen to his shit and laugh, not because he's not nice, but because his style is unorthodox and he's not trying to be some hype tough ass nigga. Even when Big Body talks his shit you gotta laugh; I mean he's dead ass serious while making you laugh tho.

I don't know who makes the rules up for this; what is a freestyle? What isn't? Perception has driven particular artists to LEGENDARY status, and has made others look lackluster in comparison. I dunno how other niggas rock, but I wanna be great at this. I suppose I'll have to start practicing for the sake of being a more well rounded artist. I gotta make the time to hone this.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Can't believe yesterday was a good day

What a day. it was...well, mostly it was normal af, haha. Drawing floor plans for a residential house some architect did by hand. It was impressive, as the guy didn't use software to do it, but sloppy, as some of his lines ran through each other and doubled over. His dimensions are off in multiple places and it feels like his T-square slipped when he was working, but hey, I get paid to make it look spiffy. Spiffy it shall look.

BACK TO MUSIC THO - this beat has been haunting me for a couple of days now. I'm the type of artist to work on a track that gives me some kind of feedback; I need an emotional response to instrumentals I hear. It's cool to rap over your own production, but sometimes other people create something that stirs your mind, and with it, your imagination. I'm definitely going to use it, no matter what.

I also plan on having the mix-tape I'm working on feature an artist other than me- def having the bro Roscoe Wiki bless a track. Due to the track order I re-worked, it's going to have to convey a particular feeling. I definitely have to give this some thought indeed. Even GR Zombie (another member of the collective rap group aside from Roscoe, 'Common Wealth Family') suggested we work on some music together. I'm all for it! Gotta catch him when I work on the next body of work considering this is mixtape has been done for a minute already...def catch him AND Roscoe on 'Redlines' (the second body of work I've been working on production for). I don't wanna be too feature heavy/dependent, but it would be nice to work on stuff with other people for a change of pace. Makes for great...uhhh...what's the word...damn it's on the tip of my tongue...hollup...well not tongue so much as fingertips...hollup...NETWORKING! Yeah, that's it, haha.

What made yesterday feel like a great day was mostly the fact that my song 'M.H.S.L.' got played on WDSR radio, an internet radio station out of the DMV area. I heard allot of tracks and was surprised that there was such a higher quality of music submitted than on K-100, and I mean across the board...maybe it was just a matter of coincidence?

Anyway, before they played my music, there was this one song that stood out to me dramatically. This woman by the name of Brielle Starre ( dropped this song called 'You Got Me'...God damn this woman can sing. Wtf. Wow. I was blown away for real, because everything about the song, from the vocals, to the instrumental, to the sound quality and general vibe was fascinating. I truly hope an opportunity comes up in the future in which I can work with her.

But maaaaannn...when I heard my song come on it caught me off guard hard af, hahaha.

I was hype, even though there wasn't allot of commentary due to the rotation of the music; like bro was getting to it. Only time he paused was when something wasn't that quality, and EVEN THEN, he wasn't being heartless about it, you know? I like the way he handled himself when he reviewed the music. He wasn't trynna kill anybodies feelings (because let's just admit that taking an L is a horrible feeling) but wasn't trynna let anyone slide too crazy. But as I said earlier, the quality of music submitted to this station was higher than when I submitted to K-100. He had a better selection to spin.

When the night's events are uploaded, I'll def repost it to here...even though nobody is reading this shit. Irregardless, that girl Brie was fire. Ego aside, I gotta repost it just to hear her voice again.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Oh well

Monday is here, and with it, the triumphant return of my cable and internet at home! Was a couple of savage months, but I managed somehow, lol. The real test coming up is my ability to remain consistent surrounded by potential distractions. I think I should be okay though.

The Anno Domini Nation competition results came up; I didn't win anything, lol. Not a top 10, not a runner up, not an honorable mention....nada. It's all good though, I managed to get a glimpse based on who they had judging and the style of instrumentals they typically put out of what type of music they were determining to be top rated. They preferred old school styled rappers (and old school styled beats), and that is cool, but I wish I had that kinda insight before hand. I would have gone in a different route, but it is what it is. They definitely had a couple of cuts on the site I would have used opposed to what I sent in. Maybe next year. Knowledge is power.

Otherwise, I'm cooln! Got the beat for this week's #FreeBeatFridays already picked out. Been in an Asiatic vibe lately.

I heard a beat from another site that I'm pretty familiar with: JeeJuh. They had a couple of instrumentals I liked, but one that haunts tf outta me. Like, I need that beat. I def wanna get one from Roscoe it's like, how do I go about this? The track order of my mix-tape has changed; I even swapped out my production for one of Roscoe's. As of this point, I've recorded in the order I want the tape to be put in. I'm trying not to break that. So for today, I'm gonna weigh out the pros and cons of swapping out production.

Friday, February 17, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays 5, and music!

And here we are with another action packed #FreeBeatFridays installation! I was gonna name the title of this #FreeBeatFridays 5: The Revenge, but I just didn't, lol. So LET'S GET INTO IT!

This track was originally going to be apart of my mix-tape I'm currently working on, but I felt like an instrumental done by the bro Roscoe Wiki was more cohesive. Was an executive decision, so I figured why not showcase this instrumental/give it to an artist that can use a beat. Sad to see it go, but it's too dope for me to be selfish with and just hold on to on some random shit. So same jist, free for commercial/non commercial use, please just give me my credit (Prod. by Dev Structures).

 And here comes the arm cannons; I did some music yesterday at the studio, and got some stuff I think is pretty decent. The first one is Track 3 of my mixtape I am slowly chipping away at called 'Issued For Bid'. The track is entitled 'Northside'. Production was done by me (Dev Structures), with engineering by Roscoe Wiki (

The second track I did last night was the 4th track of the same mix-tape in progress! The track is entitled, 'M.H.S.L.'. the production AND engineering was done by Roscoe Wiki. You don't understand how much of a fiend I was for this track bruh lol:

All in all, was a pretty productive night. The last track of the evening was a little tricky considering I wrote it in my spare time in a day and a half (here and there) right before going to studio, but we got through it. 

On another note, I ran into InkyBootyJudy last night as well! Apparently, she had the session after mine and was coming through to get a final mix for her show that same night. I literally walked out of the recording area and we locked eyes as she was on the couch across from me. It was odd, because I was legit surprised she was there, but it was good to see her again. I don't think she remembered me like that frfr, but she was smiling (she's a pretty cheerful person) and cordial...and animated af lol. Last night was pretty fun. Compared to the last time we crossed paths, this time was way less nerve racking...maybe because I was already done recording? Yeah, I think that was it, hahah!

Instagram: @Inky_BootyJudy
Twitter: @INKY_BootyJudy

The vibes last night was dope fr man. The conversations were pretty whimsical, but had pretty serious and insightful moments regarding taking music at a professional level; we spoke briefly on merchandising, performances, copyrighting...basically a bunch of shit I'm not ready for just yet, lol. 

Watching Judy prepare for her performance made me think that I must be either incredibly stoic or depressed; I laugh about things regularly, yeah, but her energy was on another level. It made be seem like I was a manic depressive in comparison. something for me to self reflect on through the weekend.

What was crazy was that she liked the song she heard me finishing up (M.H.S.L.)! It's funny when I think about it because I can remember a time in which such was not the case...guessed I improved! 

Towards the end of the night, me and Roscoe spoke about the Pittsburgh scene; shows and whatnot. He's been at this for 14 years or so now, and when you listen to his production and confidence in his artistry, it makes sense. talking to him and hearing him reminisce about these things made me feel kinda maybe too old to be doing this, but he said that I simply have a different perspective.

It's cool when someone who as been at it for a minute can assess you and find your efforts to be worthwhile; it makes me think that I have material that's really capable of getting out there.

I listened to some of his beats in his vault while we were talking...and boi lemmie tell you some shit bruh; he got the mu-fuccin' flame. He legit has his own style. I should have just fucked with him from the rip instead of trynna get that CashMoneyAP beat. I told him about that situation, hahah. Wit my goofy ass. That Luke Cage, NY State of Mind, and Hey Arnold beat were pretty beastly. I'll put some money aside for those, one at a time. I look forward to a day when my production evolves to something comparable to where he's at.

And that was, for the most part with bits and pieces not really mentioned, it! Good night, good vibes, networking, a demonstration of showmanship, and just cool chilling. recording every other Thursdays on southside have become my sort of getaway/hangout spot.

Alright, time to get for my doctors appointment. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Micro-updates (God , what a horrid title)

For a couple of days (Well, this entire week so far) I've been getting very little sleep. Music has been the reason! Haha, at least I'll get some kinda sleep this weekend.

Made some adjustments to the overall mix-tape by removing an instrumental I produced, and replacing it with one my bro Roscoe Wiki did. It was a beat he just threw on SoundCloud for the free/promotional reasons, but MANNNNNN....listen. This guy used the piano keys from the instrumental of the Big L/ Jay Z iconic-ass freestyle and swagged it with a modern kick/snare/hat pattern with some dope extras, and when I heard it, it did two things; blew my mind, and made me wanna use it. So after getting the okay, I downloaded it, and decided to incorporate it into the mix-tape as opposed to another track for the sake of cohesiveness. I think it was a good call. Funny thing is, he did this beat a minute ago. I will definitely make it my mission to get him on one of his beats for the next project.

Other than that, I found a random post on twitter that felt like it would be a good mantra/way to try and live my life. While not always feasible, it's always something to strive for.

 Distance yourself from:

1 Clutter

2 Noise

3 Indifference

4 Cynics

5 Resentment

6 Negativity

7 Entitlement

8 Arrogance

9 Ego

On another note, the Looperman community has been checking me out more frequently than anyone on SoundCloud or YouTube, lmfao. S/O to them man, they continuously prove themselves to be a dope group of people. I appreciate them sincerely.

#FreeBeatFridays tomorrow, along with music! Progress feels good.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stay Focused

Going back over some of this music I'm preparing to record has me wanting to make subtle changes. I think I'm going to make a particular instrumental I produced (and ultimately planed on recording/using) a part of the #FreeBeatFridays series I'm doing. It's a shame, because the beat is pretty dope, but after really giving it some thought these past couple of days, I just decided I'm gonna replace it with something more fitting. So this Friday is my loss, but a gain in the grand scheme of things.

Other than that, I found out that the Anno Domini Nation song contest results are going to come out this Sunday. I don't expect much as of this point, but I'll def be keeping my eyes out for it, just to see what's up.

I've been having this weird re-occurring problem lately; I keep day-dreaming. Of course everyone does it, yes, but this strikes me as kinda od. I keep thinking about answering interview questions, or what would I say if I ever won something...and I'm starting to get annoyed about it. Why get my hopes up over some shit equivalent to wining the lottery? Is generating money from rapping even real? Smfh. I just wish to remain grounded and just focus on making music and taking care of my family. Getting my hopes up all crazy just to get deflated is the story of my life. Bruh, I'm tired. Either I'm gonna win or I'm not but I swear I don't feel like debating with myself the ramifications of success, or anything that comes with it...artistry first.

I don't have any real kind of image as an artist yet either...I thought I'd just be me and see how that works out.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Awkward af has been getting weird, and I believe I'm the cause of all this.

Without getting into too many details, I was at my neighbors house yesterday. Everything was cool...I mean I didn't have much to say and my energy was type low, but I was there and being a decent human being. I played some beats off my phone out of nervousness/boredom and they were well received! That was pretty cool, but then the odd part came; I played my music for them.

What transpired next was a collective back and forth between sheer disbelief and comparison, all the while actually giving me accolades. You would think I would feel proud or something...but I just felt awkward af really. To me it was like, holdup, you really fuck with me like that? (o_O)

Of course, there was the Kendrick thing that came up again. I think that is gonna continue. I dunno, but I think it has something to do with my voice or something. I dunno. It was weird because the bros were like, "You said you rapped a little bit, this is crazy af!" and then began to joke about how people say some low key shit like that then pull out some incredible shit. I didn't realize I came off like that, I'm odd as hell frfr, hahah. I don't think I'm that lyrical...but they thought it was. Go figure.

Gonna be recording on Thursday...and for some reason my nerves are on edge regarding a song I wrote. Track 3 of this mix-tape I'm working on takes quite a dark turn, and if mis-interpreted, could lead to real life issues based on my observations from yesterday. I mean, I think it's gonna be a dope song, and I always strive for representation of truth as opposed to falsehoods, but I fear that people are gonna take what I'm rapping about out of context; in the track entitled "Northside", I depict two occurring and current themes; the further deterioration of a black neighborhood to pre-existing conditions such as drugs and the general manner of the human condition in such an environment, and the sweeping gentrification projects starting to take over this side of town that will ultimately migrate black people from one side of town to another as if that is a solution to what is going on. Very easily if I got any traction I could imagine people opposed to me in the sense that they feel like I shouldn't be talking about stuff like this; that since I'm not from here, that these issues are not for me to talk about. All I can say regarding this is that my music is based firmly in reality, and I don't go out of my way to exaggerate shit for clicks or likes or whatever social media like shit people do nowadays. I just wanna showcase my living environment, and what I endured, because it changed aspects of me as a person. I get why people will cross-examine me though; it's like I was never supposed to live life like this in the eyes of some people. To some I was meant to be someone different...but life just didn't work out that way for me.

Friday, February 10, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays #4 ...and a harsh lesson learned

Hey everyone.

My normally energetic self is a bit deflated at the moment. I'll explain in a bit, but installment #4 of my #FreeBeatFridays series comes first:

Download at my sound-cloud here:

Now that that is out of the way, I find it imperitive to spead awareness, and as usual, at my expense.

The producer THAT I THOUGHT was CashMoneyAP was not him at all. I basically got finissed out of money via a payal scam. View how the bullshit went down;

Now normally I'd be hot fuckin soup, but right now I'm kinda...disappointed? Haha, I thought someone that has produced for well known artists really acknowledged my minuscule ass footwork. I mean, in a way it has, as I've gotten in contact with THE REAL CashMoneyAP and forwarded him the emails so he can get to the bottom of the situation...but this was an L for me fam. It was such a nice damned beat too; the mix was clear, the progression was inspiring, and really felt like something I could rap over. It was the type of production I aspire to have.

I know how this happened though for real; it's that inner desire for acknowledgement that people like me have that prompted illogical conclusions and the glazing over of suspicious movements. I stopped being humble, and got finessed.

But it's all good, I needed this reality check, and I'm thankful it happened early; I'm not too big on social media, so now I am aware of the fact that people who engage in these actions are around too. I need to cross check everyone. And now I have to pay attention to EVERYONE in my these "promotion" people.

Gonna take a long walk home and self reflect. Studio Thursday.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Emails, emails, emails

You know, lately I've been getting allot of messages. I would like to blame the fact that my notifications for Twitter go off in my emails, which start blaring when I get one, but it's the content that makes me question them.

First off, the odd questions that I have, but no one around me to actually answer them; how the fuck are people automatically sending me messages? Is it a program? Is it a copy and paste prompt? I never understood that aspect of Twitter. Do they really mean my music is dope when they say that, or is it a part of a script everyone gets when they are selling a promotional service?

Then comes the harder question...what's the difference between PROMOTION, and BUYING VIEWS? This part is bothering me, because I thought that I'd want my progress to be is it NOT organic if I pay for promotion, or is that just a part of the "business" of music?

I don't wanna put too much hope into stuff like that, because everyone is SELLING me something. I thought that if I was dope enough, and focused on the art, that people would develop an interest and offer these things to me without monetary exchange...maybe that was me being naive.

I don't know the answers to this shit, and I feel like I could stumble if I'm not I guess I'll just watch where I step. #FreeBeatFridays tomorrow, studio next Thursday.

 I guess sometime this weekend/next week the results of the Anno Domini Nation contest come out; at first I had higher expectations of self, but after finding out they had over a thousand songs submitted to them, I dunno. Even if we use basic principles of rationale and rule out 80% of those tracks (general reasons like terrible sound quality, or just something cringe-worthy), That would still be roughly 240+ songs to take into consideration. Of that, given my approach, at best I'd be top 20? I dunno really. There is always someone more talented than you in the world. Either way, I'm glad I participated.

Monday, February 6, 2017


Today has been feeling kinda odd for a Monday.

It started really with, as all days of the week, work; just kinda plugging away at an expanded site plan...kind of a pain in the ass, but I got it in the bag. While I was doing what I get paid to do, I was waiting on some emails from my bro Roscoe Wiki; the tracks we did on Thursday felt alittle echo-y, so I asked for them without the doubles.

While waiting on them and talking to him meanwhile, it seems like the homie is kinda frustrated at what has been going on? The general surmise that I get from it is that not every client is...well...cordial. This kinda shocked me frfr, because the last nigga someone should get mad at as an artist is the wtf would people be tripping out? I gave Roscoe some words of encouragement, because in all honesty, he's where some of these rappers wish they could be; doing music for a LIVING. Bro legit gets paid to mix people's music and shoot their videos. From what I gather, that takes allot of patience. I wish people weren't doushebag-ish.

But what happened after was kinda odd; I started to get emails from people showcasing their services; one from an engineer producer in similar fashion to Roscoe, another was a straight up producer who's done work for some pretty notable people. I told the engineer dude that his work is good, because it was, but atm my loyalty regarding those kinds of services remain with the bro Roscoe; I'm no flake, and Roscoe has done nothing but been supportive and understanding. Loyalty to those who believe in and are supportive of you is important to me. Maybe in the future or something, but right now I'm playing home base.

Heard two beat samples that were too killer in the other email; CashMoneyAP was charging a discounted price for his beats. Now I've been doing my own beats for the most part lately, but they sounded DUMB CLEAN. I would shell out the bread if I had it, so I'll hold onto this for later; his credits include Young Thug, Rae Sremmurd, Migos, Fetty Wap, and Lil Yachty. To be considered by someone who's done music for these people is kinda crazy frfr.

Its not that I haven't gotten these kind of emails before, because I have. It just felt like this time it was as a result of listening to my music as opposed to a random-ass email blast. It felt...good? Am I allowed to feel that way yet? Hahah, I dunno.

On another note, I got a response from Anno Domini Nation when I resent the cleaner version of the contest song...and the mysterious entity that replied thought it was a great track!

This shit right here made me feel vindicated. I didn't even win shit and I feel like I got the validation I've been seeking. I'm not about to stick my chest out all crazy and act like my shit don't stink, but it made me feel better as an artist, and oddly, as a person. I just have to believe in myself more, I guess. Believe in myself, and make music that's dope. Artistry first. That image shit can come wwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy later. Not even worried bout that right now.

Now's not the time to be lax tho. This just means I'm in the right direction. Here's to hoping for a better future. The only question on my mind as of this point is is this coincidence, or validity? I wonder.

Friday, February 3, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays is here, Accompanied with music!

Friday is here! I spend a good deal of time uploading everything, but got everything I aimed to get complete done with one exception: radio edits. Oh well, I can deal with that later.

First thing's first: #FreeBeatFridays! This one is called, "Way Too Smooth". As usual, it is free for commercial/non commercial use. Do whatever, just give me the proper credits and it's all good.

Download Way Too Smooth here:

I was at my folk Roscoe Wiki's new place on south-side, and I gotta say I'm def proud of bro. He's moving up in the world, place was chill af. I noticed that the jitters I would usually have pretty much subsided; I can step in and record with a pretty high level of comfort. Self confidence is the eternal work in progress, but not feeling nervous about what your about to do sure takes the edge off.

We recorded the song for the Anno Domini Nation song submission contest first; I had allot of doubts, but Roscoe believed that it turned out dope, so I'm inclined to believe him.

Download Put It In My Hands here:

Round the time we were finishing this up, we stepped outside to smoke a square (cigarettes, I call em squares), when we just started talking about random shit from the view from his place, to the proximity to bars and drunk college girls, to expanding his business venture...when I brought up something I meant to ask for awhile; I really wanted to know if the confidence level of people that some to record with him are high. The response that I got was surprising as fuck - no.

I guess in a way we are all self conscious as artists? Lol it's gonna take me awhile to absorb that frfr. Roscoe thinks I'm too humble, lmfao; he likened me to someone who, "has it", and dosen't even realize it. That's dope as hell to me for someone like him to think of me as having some kind of talent. I told myself that if I ever really get somewhere with this music stuff, I'd have him right there with me.

Another thing that surprised me was an alternate perspective on having a wife and kids. My challenging norm is something to aspire for...and in my mind I knew I always wanted these things...but I just wasn't aware of how much OTHER people desire the same thing. I think that's kinda cool to have similarities and like desires/expectations from life. It makes me feel less like a wierdo hahah.

But back to the music- we started on the next track with time to kill and I was hype, but there was one short comming...the damned folder I keep my written music in had a sheet missing! Now, luckily every morning on the bus ride to work, followed by the short walk in I would go over this song until I had practically memorized it, so it wasn't such a bbbiiigggg deal. I stepped in and knocked it out with relative ease.

Download Hooptie 17' here:

Now I always liked going over this song, but I'm, as Roscoe says, not always around other people to gauge my music. So whenever people say they like my music, I'm always taken back hahahah. I always appreciate that shit man, like it's awe inspiring and motivating, you know? So when Roscoe was telling me how much he liked this one, I was kinda starting to believe in myself more. What's doper is that one of his roommates/fellow engineers thought it was dope too! We just met, and I thought that was cool af.

My bro G was supposed to come through but it never happened. Maybe next time. I got to sit in on abit of another session; watching other people's recording process is pretty interesting, but it was getting late and I had to be in work early.

On another note, Roscoe played a song for me he has yet to drop that is too crazy. No lie I kinda wanna get on that song, hahahah. Hope he drops it soon.

Today came, I uploaded everything, posted stuff, emailed the contest song, and submitted a song for radio-play to a station in Atlanta (K-100). I'm tired af. There's other shit I wanna do, but first I need to recharge.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Studio Day

Sup random ass reader! Ole, "lemmie see what you doin" head ass nigga! Nah lemmie stop, hahah.

So, Got the instrumental for Free Beat Friday tomorrow finished, and it's pretty nice! The beat kinda feel like a Chris Brown, poplock down a random street for the affections of a girl type of vibe...lmfao. I'll be putting it up tomorrow.

Special thanks to Spivkurl from Looperman for his advice on mixing; like I said before, I'm still new to this, but I am, as always, receptive to constructive criticism because it does nothing but build me up! If you, YES, YOU, random person reading know a thing or two about music production, hit my email up! Don't be a stranger!

On another note, studio session tonight at Roscoe Wiki's new place! I'll be recording track two from my Issued For Bid mix-tape, entitled "Hooptie 17'", and will also be doing the song for the Anno Domini Nation competition I'm entering late as hell, entitled, "Put It In My Hands". Fingers crossed an all that. I even made some fancy artwork to go with it, as I always do, because hey, presentation is important. That and niggas need something to look at on YouTube while a song is playing, hahahaha.

Stuff's coming out tomorrow, so everything's good *Chance The Rapper voice*. I WILL have clean radio edits of both songs, cuz, "Be Prepared". I guess I have the dentist vist on Saturday (FUCK!), so I may be out of commission depending on what he does to me for a little bit (Basically, pull teeth, or nah). Regarding the competition song, I don't know if I should post the song after I make it...the rules never said anything against it, so I dunno how exactly to approach that? I guess I'll post it since the rules don't say anything about that. Guess I'll submit it to radio stations too! I'll post it where I post everything else; YouTube, SoundCloud, Looperman, Twitter, Instagram...and here!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Bittersweet ILL

So yesterday my song was up first on K-100 radio's ILLorKILL segment, in which they play artist's music from various areas (pretty much the first verse, the hook, and maybe some of the second verse). People ranging from member of Facebook and Instagram live along with listeners who call into the show will either give a track an ILL, which leads to getting rotation on the station, or a KILL, which is the equivalent to getting discarded.

Check out K-100 Radio here

Check out past shows here

I was nervous, but excited for the opportunity; I never took the steps before to get some kind of radio traction or cross-promotion, so this was a first for me in many aspects. I literally submitted the song Pittsburgh, PA to every internet radio station in PA, and a number of them out of state (I spoke on this I believe awhile know...building a contact list?). K-100 is located in Atlanta, pretty much a hub for music. I had every reason to be nervous; I was up first, literally, in a 2 hour show.

So they play it and I'm kinda in awe that I'm hearing myself on a higher platform. It was crazy frfr. A couple seconds into the second verse, the radio promo goes off and the song fades out to the potential vote. It didn't seem so positive at first because of all people, the host himself felt unsure of it as a track.

Now I'm not gonna act like this is the greatest song on planet Earth, but off the rip the odds are against me here, hahah. Got a couple of people who KILLED it on Instagram live, and the notion that I was getting from one person was that I "needed to step my bars up". I got maybe 3 kills on Instagram live? Roughly around that amount. My feelings on that were/are as displayed:

But then, out of left field, some odd shit started happening; the host started to notion to the fact that I was getting likes, and started calling them out. I got ILLED by a couple Instagram people, but mostly Facebook Live users (thank ya'll, sincerely, if you ever see this random ass shit. I appreciate it). I guess what cemented it was a call or two that came in, and they gave me the ILL vote. I was taken back because it looked grim as fuck at first, no lie, but then came through amazing. This is where the conflicted feelings start to come in.

You see, after getting it, the host of the show himself still felt conflicted; he wasn't so sure of how suited for radio it was? I don't even remember the reason, but I guess what the additional salt on the situation was when two people compared me to Kendrick Lamar:

Now, if there was anyone that I should be compared to and feel honored by it, it would be this nigga, because he's a beast at what he does. Not a one chink in his lyricism...but it don't feel right right now. And it doesn't feel right because I literally dusted off my skill set after years of not even bothering to try to improve and wrote the song I submitted to the radio. There isn't enough footwork, effort, or even self confidence on my part to feel proud enough to be compared to him right now. As a listener, I hear a dope MC, but as an artist, I see this right now:

Like, you can't even see the top of that shit from where this picture is taken. That is about as close to the feeling that I got when those comparisons were made. Not only did I feel this way, but the host did too. When asked to explain, the Facebook live user said it was the vibe I gave off, not necessarily the lyrics...which, in turn (and ironically enough, in fitting fashion), made me feel like this:

It fucked me up, because it was, but wasn't a clean decision; the host basically said he was gonna ILL my track, but didn't know how much airplay he would give me...a couple spins here and there, and supposed the track had to grow on him or something of that sort. That shit felt like what I assume getting a participation reward feels like; empty as fuck. Throughout the night, many a person would get the KILL vote, and for various reasons, such as mixing, song structure, poor features, and overall lackluster aspects. It was a slaughterhouse...a sonic bloodbath. I think that there was one other person who got an ILL vote last night in fact.

Throughout the night while listening, because I'm not some flake nigga that wants my shit played then goes about my business, I kept having an ill vibe about it. There were artists who would come on, and the host would literally be explaining on their behalf qualities of the song...I guess debating, if you will, with the listeners...but to no avail. At some point, the host killed a track, but submitted it to other DJs for spins because it was a sub-genre! To me it felt like damn, the people voted, but you will always supersede their opinion, so they are ultimately irrelevant, as you are capable of circumventing their decision! Even though I got ILLED, I barely slid by in your eyes, but this guy got KILLED, but is gonna get spins from numerous DJs!!! No lie, this shit had me kinda hot low key; it felt like he was the TRUE victor. SPINS > ACCOLADES.

In my mind, if you can't convince the guy who's gonna spin your song that your worth listening to, then your dead in the water, because even if other people like your shit, how the fuck are they gonna listen to it? DJs and Radio Stations (FM or Internet) are important aspects to music filtration and distribution. They don't need your respect, because they call the shots regardless of your opinion. Ultimately you dance to what the DJ is playing, and if your in your car, the playlist is determined by who runs the radio show. Now I'm sure there are expectations, but this seems like a solid conclusion to me. We all are on proverbial strings and don't even know it.

At the end of the day, all I could do was just suck it up fam. This was a critical lesson for me, because even though my music is acceptable, does it push the bar higher? Not everyone is gonna like my music, and I get that frfr now, but did I do everything I could on my part to ensure the best result? I cannot say wholeheartedly that I did. So it's in bitter resignation that I kill it myself and try harder next time. If I wanna be a recognized artist, I can't be a bitch about shit like this. Some people are just not gonna like me, some niggas is gonna hate me, some is really gonna wish I was dead...because that's how people really are at the end of the day. My capacity to endure is going to be tested pursuing this, so I just gotta roll with it and find a way to make something worthwhile. LESS EMOTION, MORE GRACE AND EFFORT. All in all, there's nothing to argue or debate; accept, and improve. For the last time, here's Pittsburgh, PA:

Studio Thursday. Free Beat Friday, track 2 from my mix-tape, and the Anno-Domini Nation song contest submission all going down on Friday. One day at a time ya'll. I need a fuckin' sensu bean cuz.