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Friday, March 31, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays 11! And you know..usual rambling

#FreeBeatFridays 11 is here! I'm sorta excited in the sense that I kept this up for so long without giving up, but I cannot help but feel slightly disheartened.

 First off, some of these beats, if not all, I could have very well used myself. I thought I was doing the world some good by putting instrumentals out these artists with limited or non existent budgets could use, but I'm barely getting any plays, comments, or downloads. You would think that people would jump at this sort of thing, but I just suck? I somehow doubt that.

This is...rough. Had a hard time uploading this to Looperman. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it's because the title has God in it. The art may reference Judaism, but come on my nigga, God is a sweeping generalization. I really hope LM is just having errors, and isn't purposely censoring me because of a title.

Music wise on my part, I haven't recorded anything new in like a month now. I'm lowkey hot about this because I've been planning on doing such for awhile now, but my funds kept getting messed up due to adult responsibilities, and random acts of wastefulness (bills, the casino, wedding anniversary dinner, fast food, weed, liquor, spending money). I know, I know, don't judge me. I'm gonna try and bust a move so I can record more than 2 songs after the 7th, shooting for like 4 to make up for missing time.

On another note, that Coast2Coast event is a bust; I spent all of my money throughout the weekend, thus I will not have the $150 deposit for the event. Sad, yeah, but such is life. Oh well. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays #10: The Escape From Work

Okay, let's get this show on the road!

#FreeBeatFridays #10 is here! Huzza and all that.

Alrighty. Look, I'm keeping this short, because I've been getting proverbially beat the fuck up at work all God Damned week. I'm tired, annoyed, and I just wanna escape outta this bitch before my supervisor harasses me with client drawing changes; those guys can eat a dick. 

I had some other shit I really wanted to say, but I have a small window of escape. Enjoy, and peace ya'll.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


You know, I really should be careful about what I wish for. No, seriously, this isn't even funny.

So, as the trend has been the past two weeks or so, I've been getting my ass handed to me at work; tight deadlines, multiple project changes, and miscommunication had me buy a pack of squares today. I'm not proud of myself, lol. But, roughly an hour ago, I got an email that made me simultaneously happy and sick as fuck:

So, first things first, I have to thank the only two people that voted for me: Roscoe Wiki, and Joseph Thompson. When NOBODY ELSE could be bothered to follow a link and vote (which, as I said before was less than a minute), they did. I am truly grateful for what they did for me, and owe em' a beer indeed! For some reason this series of events made me think of that MF DOOM song, 'Deep Fried Frenz'...although these guys are actually good people lol.

Now comes the part I was bitchin' about the other day, because there is always a catch. Apparently, this event is pay to play; they want $150.00 up front, and the other $150.00 day of event at the door. I'm low-key sick; my nigga I have bills and shit, but with the appropriate timing, I could swing this. But these cats want the deposit by next week Saturday. That means I would have to scrape up $150.00 from THIS WEEK'S PAY. Fk. Shieeeeettt. I'm at a loss here. Bills supersede dreams, so I'm not sure how this is gonna go down yet. I'll talk to Roscoe tonight and pick his brain.

Beyond that, there is a secondary catch; you have the opportunity to make up the money by selling the tickets they give you. Apparently, you get like 40 tickets, with your choice of distribution. You can either sell em', or give em' away. I'm hot soup, because I've been through this before with Afton, and as previously mentioned, I couldn't sell the tickets and paid out of pocket to perform for an empty ass room. So the flashbacks of half-assedness kinda have me shook? I dunno, it's like a nauseating feeling, really.

I don't know what to do. I need some kind of guidance, and all I have at the present moment is myself. I got some thinking and beat making to do tonight. I may have to get creative on Friday.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Dreaming with no support

Sometimes I have these weird, introspective moments where I question why I actually wanna rap; like, what is it that makes me wanna even keep trying to get my music noticed? Yesterday, I noticed something on Facebook that got my attention regarding music; Coast 2 Coast, the people who release those mix-tapes, advertised for performing for them. I guess the catch of it is, if you perform in your city, and win, that you go on to some kind of final event in Florida where the grand prize is a recording deal.

Let's look over the fact that I barely have any confidence in my craft, or how sick I got thinking of performing in front of people, or how inferior I felt thinking about competing with others for recognition, or how uncertain I felt of the quality of my own music after seeing this ad. Somehow, I fought my nausea and actually submitted 'M.H.S.L.' for review.

Fighting those conflicted feelings, I applied anyway. I proceeded to go to Twitter and Facebook in the hopes of having people vote for me. This was yesterday mind you. This is what it looks like as of 5 minutes ago:

A considerable amount of views, yeah. But those 2 votes you see lingering down there? Yeah, those are mine. Even though 3 separate people shared this on their timeline, I am the only one who voted.

This shit is low-key depressing and masochistic. Even when you fight your own fears and doubts, the next wave of issues stem from people really not giving so much of a fuck as to hit the vote button. It took me like 53 seconds. I don't know what is more alarming to me: the notion that nobody that I know really took the time to vote for me, or the fact that if anything DID happen as a result of my effort, I would be obligated to these people anyway, and if I didn't look out I would be labeled fake, or bougie, or w/e people would say.

In this train of thought, I realized something; this is probably EXACTLY what artists who make a name for themselves went through/are going through now. Nobody really rocked with them when they were dreaming, nobody really supported when they were trying/doing, and everyone came to them like they were owed something when they got a break of some sort. That shit is horrifying. I wish I could meet some more established artists, not even to fan out, but to ask legitimate questions regarding their response to some of the changes in their lives. I could only imagine the levels of loathing these artists have for people deep down.

I feel bad for laughing at the memes of artists now. I feel terrible for making a mockery of what they had to go through to be financially empowered and regarded for their talent. I understand why some don't go back to their communities, or give back to "the people", or anything of that nature. At the end of the day, they were dreaming with no support, so what did they get that would inspire them to give back? I dunno if I would feel obligated to do shit for people who ignored a simple request to vote for a song.

Sadder thing is, even if they voted, I would still have to PAY to PERFORM. Why am I doing this to myself?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays 9...on a Thursday! WOO SAH!

Man this has been another shitty week. Project deadlines at work have me ready to snap...but here I am!

Friday I'm gonna be out and about, so I won't be able to upload, so I figured I would take the liberty of uploading ahead of time!

So I submitted 'M.H.S.L.' Prod. by Roscoe Wiki to K-100 radio a while ago. They aired it this past Tuesday. 

This was the straw that broke the camel's back that night: 1:34:55 into the show is when my song gets played. Now, everyone has their opinion regarding music, but I feel like this nigga was hatin'. That's the vibe I got.

I mean God damn, how offended this nigga got when people, once again, compared me to Kendrick Lamar. ONCE AGAIN, this nigga had XYZ to say bout me, just to say he's gonna let me tf that mean? I've been rappin' like this, I dunno what to tell people!

Me 4 years ago.

The nigga went on to say, JUST LIKE THE FIRST TIME, that he's only gonna give me a couple of spins, and if it doesn't grow on him he's gonna pitch it. Dawg, this situation was lame. When it was happening, all I could do was laugh, because at the end of the day, the people's votes overpowered his personal opinion. Reflecting on it, I find myself annoyed because his logic was empty as hell and completely non-constructive. He had to have a final jab at me.

To me, it's cool to have an opinion, but you have absolutely NO JUSTIFICATION to be such a hater. It makes you look like you have an agenda; the fact that this nigga would push mindless club shit over an actual song worth listening to is bullshit.

I listened to some of the music of the people he interviewed, and I cannot begin to understand how you could sleep on me like that...oh wait a minute, I CAN. THEY PAID YOU FOR THEIR INTERVIEW.

Afterwards, I got dumb curious; he mentioned that he himself was an artist, so he must be dope to be so critical, right?


I'm not even gonna go into detail. You compare and draw your own conclusion. This is the same nigga who complains about the mix quality of people's music. When I called him out, all the nigga could do was shoulder shrug. Smh.

At the end of the day, I got the #ILL, but I don't know if I'm submitting anymore. This nigga legit has issues with my music.

Okay. That out of the way, I'm pretty burnt out already. Friday couldn't come soon enough, but even then I have stuff to do. Mildly agitated, but I blame that on hunger, really. That, and dumb-ass people that won't let you do your job, or make you do it more times than necessary. smh.

Friday, March 10, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays 8 /w a Side of Random Thoughts

I nearly forgot to do this after uploading everything. So, here's #FreeBeatFridays 8th installment, 'Majestic'. Produced by me, Dev Structures, free for you. Please give me credit if your gonna use it. 

So, that out of the way, mi have some tings on mi mind. 

This week has been kind of like a miniature version of hell, but I maneuvered, survived, and did everything I set out to accomplish. I made the video/tutorial of the recording isolation booth with the associated 3-D model, I got the instrumental for #FreeBeatFridays taken care of, as well as the art associated with it, I made two contracts for my homie Roscoe who's been having trouble with people keeping to their appointments/schedules, and did all of that while dealing with a tight deadline at work, children that bounce off the walls every night who demand to play mario bros., and my wife...who's being my wife. Iced coffee, black (no sugar no creamer), is probably my blood now. If you stabbed me I'd bleed caffeine all over the place.

And yet...lately I've been feeling super hopeful, even though I know I shouldn't. I lost my health insurance, had to give up over $300 to get my taxes done, I won't see my tax return till like end of summer, I'm paying more child support than I'm supposed to and can't get time off to schedule an appointment, the daycare is STILL backed up and has been for months now...and yet I'm bobin and weavin. The only thing that really concerns me as of this point is my health insurance; like, I def need that, because...well...I hear voices. I haven't been diagnosed, but I'm in the process of seeing someone to get appropriate refills in medication and a final diagnosis. I still feel pretty optimistic despite the week I had. I'm honestly just glad that it's pretty much over.

Other things happened too; lmaooo, went over to the neighbor Zack to get a light for my cig, because I started smoking again (fml), and he invited me inside where I guess there was some kind of cypher. I observed, as I always do, until I was asked to get in...lmaoooo. I spit something light and the whole room got quiet. I was nervous, because I haven't did that in awhile, but it seemed like they were impressed, hahah. Was a good feeling. I promoted my music, and got some listeners!

Aside from that, my video on the assembly of the isolation/sound booth I put together for Roscoe now has more views than anything else I did. Ugh. I dunno how to feel about it yet. Like damn, listen to my music, hahah.

I got back in contact with DJ Chevy of Square1Radio and Grind Hard DJs. It's been a minute since we spoke; nothing based in animosity or anything like that, but I was caught up in the projects, and Chevy was going about his daily. Sometimes people just distance themselves because, life. That's how it's been for a minute now. I told him I'm working on music again, and submitted some stuff for radio play on his station. I def need to get better at keeping lines of communication open, so I gave him my contact info and new number. 

All in all, I've been shootin' moves. Alright, I'm finna make my escape from work. Headed to the south siiiidddeeeee, howbouda?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How to build a Recording/Isolation Booth!

This is a project that I am undertaking with my friend Roscoe and the rest of the collective he's a part of known as the Common Wealth Family. The goal is to build a recording/isolation booth with a decent budget (for this it came up to around $500). The price is only that much because of additional things added, but if your thrifty you can cut corners and find discounts. I suggest you look around and gather what you can prior to purchasing anything. You'd be surprised how much that cost drops. Prices based on Walmart and Home Depot in Pittsburgh, PA.

But enough talk, here's the vid! Music in the vid is by Common Wealth Family, Dev Structures, and Roscoe Wiki. enjoy~

If you are interested in the 3-D model and guide, just email me. If anyone is watching anyway, haha. At least listen to my music before you come asking me for stuff though; I put allot of thought and work into this, so show love.

Twitter/Instagram - @DevStructures


#FreeBeatFriday this week is gonna be fire. I normally don't speak that highly of myself, but I put together a pretty good beat for y'all. Looking forward to it.

Friday, March 3, 2017

#FreeBeatFridays 7 and #NewMusic

Hey all, #FreeBeatFridays 7th iteration is here, and with it, abit of homage so to speak.

I had the soundkit for Johnny Julianos production of Wiz Khalifa's song 'Say Yeah'. I used elements of this and combined it with other sounds to create my own take on the sample. Hope you guys enjoy this one. The instrumental is called 'Connec'.

That aside, I also managed to record another song from the mixtape I've been chipping away at completing. This song is called 'Nights Like These'

Pretty beat actually. Long week, but managed to chill with Roscoe for awhile and get the concept down for the song we are gonna work on. Got production from him, as well as a feature, so this is gonna be dope.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1/2 Full? 1/2 Empty? I don't have the answers, Sway

I find myself in an agitated state; even though it's raining today, even though half my jeans are wet, even though my headphones aren't working anymore and I left my breakfast and lunch at home, I find myself more so agitated by what went down last night. Read through my current state to understand the underlying message please.

So I submitted the same song to two different radio stations (K-100 and WDSR) and basically got two different results. It bothers me because on K-100, I legit looked for the reason they Killed my track, as I always try and find something to learn from. But what I witnessed what straight bullshit. this is the first time I felt that way too.

People say they pay attention to lyrics, people say they need something new, people claim they dislike being lied to, but all of that is a falsehood from what I witnessed last night. I realize that people are sheep-like, and will literally dance to the tune at the moment, even if their innate opinion dictates otherwise. Don't blame the industry, it's ultimately on you, the listener.

I choose to approached music with a level of sincerity. Hooptie 17' was supposed to be for the everyday man pushing an everyday whip. We don't all have Range Rovers, so should we be rapping about that shit? You got an A to B whip, but didn't you work hard for it? You ain't sacrifice for it? You not making payments on it if it's a little on the nice side? Be real with yourself.

Then, these niggas compared me to mumble rap on some passive shit; I swear these niggas be on some straight bullshit. I took aspects, sure. But how can you say my flow crazy but my lyrics aren't? God forbid I was rapping about some bullshit, because you'd sooner eat that than something you claim you're looking for.

I put my absolute trust in Roscoe, so for them to argue the notion of sound quality bothered me as well. It was like they took a shot at my mans, like none of these niggas are professional ANYTHING. The homie went to school for this, learned his craft...he knows wtf he's doing. Better the reasoning be the mixing of the beat than you talk shit about my nigga's work. That ain't sit well with me at all. This is who mixes my music. This is who's production I aspire to sound like. This is one of the few friends I have in my life, much less, Pittsburgh.

I think the most annoying part was when this one broad in the FB live section was clowning my shit; it wasn't anything wild, but she was mad passive aggressive, and at first, I thought she was here to critique and know, show love for the work K-100 is attempting to do. FIVE MINUTES LATER, this broad's song comes on. She does the most bitch-ass shit I've seen a person do, and basically up-votes her own shit like, "ILL I KILLEDDDDD THAT!"........-_-

I can break this down any number of ways, but I'll get to the point; her song came on, and from the production style, to the method/delivery of flow, she straight bit Lil Yachty. I think it's crazy that people will dog the shit out of this nigga, but when he's not in a vicinity to defend himself, EMULATE HIS SHIT. Dog, not only was this woman taking shots at me when I did my own production and gave sincere thought before writing, but nonchalantly beefed up herself like she really did something worthwhile.

It's the fuckery I can't stand when it comes to being middle-maned in the "industry". It isn't some magical, singular building, or entity; it is comprised of everyone who DJs, hosts a radio station, manages an artist, is an artist, etc etc. Once you render someone's services and money is exchanged, YOU. ARE. IN. So "making it" or "blowing up" is not only a falsehood, but the quality of the "industry" deteriorates because people fail to recognize their role and due diligence!

There was only a couple of people who really showed loved, and the most vocal defender of the track WAS A DJ. He knew was up, but when it came down to a comparison of tracks, I got styled and the host defended her because he "never heard of Lil Yachty". Now hold up a second. You are a representative of the "industry", a radio host, who doesn't keep up with what is CURRENTLY going on in it?

Irregardless, the SAME song was submitted to WDSR and is getting rotation. IN FACT, ANOTHER ARTISTS MUSIC JUST SO HAPPENED TO HIT THE SAME STATION. S/o I-30, because he knew it was funny style. His record was a club record, worthy of getting spins because it would turn the spot up on some chill shit, and they stunted on him.

So what have I gained from this? Perspective. Perception truly rules the world. I couldn't even let it end like that, and while the rotation was going on, submitted 'M.H.S.L.' for play.

 It'll take like 2-3 weeks, but if these people front on me again I don't think I'll be submitting to them anymore; I get the vibe that the host just doesn't really rock with my music like that, and that makes him extra critical of my shit.

This isn't about my ego, or the next man's, it's about getting music out there to the people. I need a REAL outlet. or some working headphones. Or maybe some jeans that would dry faster. Nah, it just might be food. Nothing worse than being irritated and hungry.